F-One Financial Performance

Link financial performance to budget, forecast, and business plan

With F-One, the finance F&PA department can not only assess previous business activities, but also plan for the future based on the analysis of the present conditions.
F-One integrates the company strategies with departmental and even individual performance.

F-One Business & Financial Analysis

With F-One, enterprises don’t have to wait for IT support. A simple click and drag helps them
obtain the financial and business operation data scattered across various business systems,
and link financial indicators (such as revenue) with business indicators (such as customer churn rate and turnover of inventory)
achieving integrated and comprehensive business and finance analysis and enabling the management to
keep abreast of business operations and make informed decisions.

Spending too much time editing Excels instead of providing professional advice to decision makers?
Business self-service report tool

As the enterprise data hub, F-One combines data scattered across all departments of the enterprise. You can create multi-dimensional reports and visual reports by a click and drag. In this way, F-One frees you from tedious work and allows you to focus on providing decisions for the management.

Focusing only on historical data and never forecasting the future?
Prediction model

F-One not only analyzes enterprise historical data, but also builds analysis models based on advanced algorithms such as R language and Python to simulate the impact of different business strategies on company revenues, so that decision-makers can take precautions and seize market opportunities.

The analysis is a mere paper talk?
Performance tracking

F-One not only shares the financial / business analysis reports with the management, but also allows you to communicate with managers about solutions and develop optimization measures. Further, it establishes a tracking report and pays close attention to the corresponding indicators so as to monitor whether the optimization measures are effectively implemented.

How to turn the analytical methodology into a reusable analytical application?
Establish a financial analysis application without coding

F-One turns your business / financial analysis methodology into a reusable analytical application. After setting the system at once, it automatically publishes analytic reports on a regular basis without manual labor. This does not require complex programming development. Financial experts without coding knowledge can easily use the system with a click and drag.

Still reporting analysis results with data reports of numerous lines?
Visual report

F-One has dozens of the most commonly used data charts to present the key performance indicators to the leadership.
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