F-One helps SAIC-GM create a one-stop distributor fee management platform
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The era when Excel could only calculate two-dimensional tables is over. Next, F-One will help us integrate more data sources. Integrated data ensures that we make correct decisions.
SAIC-GM owns three car brands, with annual sales of nearly two million automobiles. It seeks cooperation with 3,000 plus distributors, rolls out 4,000 odds types of automobiles, launches 100 or so promotional awards, and deals with more than 10 million external data per month. Faced with the complicated marketing system and sales data, how to calculate the rebate of each distributor and each vehicle has become a new problem for the development of enterprises.
  • More than 40 people participate in rebate calculation each month, and they need to set calculation logic in line with the rebate policy by themselves.
  • The annual sales volume of more than two million brings tens of millions of data in rebate calculation.
  • 100+ awards, 50+ indicators, and the awards may vary in quarters, months, and even days.
  • 3000+ distributors are assessed in accordance with the brand area / community / one group in one city / one group in one province.
  • 4000+ products are assessed according to brand / series / model / configuration / color / combined vehicle series.
  • The distributor award cycle is reduced by 70%, and more funds can be used in sending orders to automobile manufacturers
  • A unified rebate platform helps integrate system data, store external data, and solve data interaction issues
  • Optimize the rebate model, improve the analysis ability and dimension, and introduce multi-dimensional and multi-view analysis of sales, market share, customer, and conversion rate.
SAIC GM is one of the leading companies in the Chinese automotive industry. With three major brands - Buick, Chevrolet, and Cadillac, it covers markets of all levels, from high-end luxury cars to affordable cars, and from high-performance luxury coupes, hybrid power and electric vehicles, MPV, to SUV.
F-One Distributor Fee Solution
Six steps to finish bonus calculation
F-One proposes a complete set of solutions to the problems encountered by SAIC-GM in calculating distributor bonuses, realizes the collection, modeling, analysis, prediction, and presentation of multiple data sources, and optimizes the bonus management system. The bonus calculation of thousands of distributors can be easily performed in just six steps.
1. Data collection: Number of automobile delivery, number of sending orders to automobile manufacturers, master data of distributors, inventory, retail price per car, assessment score, and sales performance.
2. Bonus data pre-processing: Determine the bonus management assessment conditions, exclude special vehicles (test drive cars) and invalid data, and check the actual car delivery number.
3. Bonus calculation model write-in: Write the calculation models according to different dimensions (vehicle model, distributor, and channel) in the analysis platform, and synchronize data via two methods, namely, timing and triggering.

4. Bonus calculation and reports: Design formulas based on the incentive and promotional policies so that business users can directly change the time period, channel, product, and indicator through a drag & drop on the system, generate bonus reports, and calculate the bonus in “real-time”.

5. Bonus notice and complain: Notify the distributors directly under the enterprise or the regions they belong to through SMS or e-mail to view and check the bonus. The bonus can be distributed to the detailed data level. Users can complain in the system directly if they find the bonus disputable.

6. Bonus analysis /simulation: Optimize the bonus rebate model so that both the motor corporations and the distributors can obtain maximal profits.

Accurate calculation in the past and in the future 
With F-One, SAIC-GM integrates the scattered data of the business departments and distributors of motor corporations, coordinates the internal and external work, and achieves data synchronization, reducing the management cost of 30% rebate work management. In addition, in F-One, the calculation and expenditure of each rebate can be audited and traced, which improves the transparency of the business and realizes the visual management of the calculation process.

Additionally, based on massive data, F-One analyzes the effects of bonus policies from multiple dimensions and perspectives (sales, market share, customer, conversion rate, loyalty, marketing strategy, and policy). Through scenario simulation, it trials the rate of return of different bonus policies, allowing enterprises to adjust the rebate policies in real time according to changes in the market demand and seize the opportunity.
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