FONE Financial Performance

Link financial performance to budget, forecast, and business plan

With FONE, the finance F&PA department can not only assess previous business activities, but also plan for the future based on the analysis of the present conditions.
FONE integrates the company strategies with departmental and even individual performance.

FONE Investment Management

You don't have to learn professional statistical modeling software or manage a large number of nested Excel spreadsheets.
Quickly build an investment and portfolio analysis model with FONE.
FONE analyzes project benefits in a rolling method at the key points of the project.
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Fed up with complicated dynamic investment and portfolio calculation?
Analytical model for business users

FONE can build analytical models such as the net present value method and the internal rate of return method without programming development. With FONE, you put more energy into analyzing project benefits, rather than repeatedly resorting to IT staff and waiting for them to develop the models.

Can you accurately measure the dynamic costs of the project?
Multi-node dynamic revenue management

FONE manages indicators from multiple dimensions such as time and region. For example, you can set values by month, week, and even day to dynamically restore project costs when managing exchange rates and other indicators with large fluctuations over time.

Spending too much time on data collection and aggregation?
Data integration

The data required for investment and portfolio analysis is often scattered in business systems such as ERP. FONE, which integrates with these business systems, can automatically aggregate the data and calculate operation revenue, overhead expenses, and financing costs, saving users from manual work and avoid calculation errors caused thereby.

Can you meet the different demands of all levels, from leadership to operation?
Customized multi-role data dashboard

FONE can define multiple roles and multiple perspectives, meeting the management and operational needs of all levels. For example, the management cockpit designed for leaders presents key indicators of the project; the real-time analysis platform provides the management with real-time data of the project and assists with decision-making; for the end users of the operational layer, viewable and enjoyable interactive GUIs make it easy for them to get started quickly without much pre-process training.

Can you use a single model to manage all project revenues?
One model for multiple data

The FONE multi-dimensional data model can manage multiple sets of data, which covers all enterprise projects and allows you to compare the benefits of each project horizontally, solidify project management ideas, and improve project management capabilities.
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With FONE, a real estate group based on different business systems and the group's management objectives
and requirements standardized data analysis, integrated business management, a
nd realized automatic monitoring, thus building a comprehensive project management and control platform.

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