F-One Flexibly Configures Tens of Millions of Performance Rules

F-One Work Flow

Customize the performance management process
without programming development

Customize the workflow

You can set the approval time nodes, rules, and cycles of performance management processes such as budgeting and sales forecast reporting with a drag & drop.

Process progress tracking

Track the progress of each performance management process in real time, launch new tasks, or send reminders through e-mail and SMS before the deadline. 

Data linkage

The data filled and submitted in the F-One workflow is linked with the performance model data. After the approval, the data will be input into the performance model in real time. No manual calculation and summary are required.

Flow chart

F-One can set up a flow chart without programming development, increasing the chart creation efficiency by 95% and reducing the cost by 70%.

Overview of the F-One workflow

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