F-One Flexibly Configures Tens of Millions of Performance Rules

F-One M-OLAP Engine

Performance management and analysis are like a game racing against time.
The quicker the engine responds, the faster the decision will be made.
The M-OLAP computing engine independently developed by F-One,
unlike the traditional computing engines that are incompatible with data acquisition and write speed,
is able to achieve real-time computing and write back based on the in-memory computing technology
to respond to the demands from enterprises in a timely manner.
Meanwhile, staff can perform graphical drag & drop modeling
to obtain multidimensional models automatically generated by the engine and multidimensional analysis reports,
thereby minimizing the development cost and time.

Multidimensional performance model

The F-One multidimensional model integrates performance data from all business departments and forms a Single Version of the Truth (SVoT). Through this model, all business departments of the enterprise are based on a unified data source, and the cause and effect relationship among performance indicators including sale, market, and production etc. are established, which reflects the influences exerted by operation strategies of a single department on the enterprise.

Master data management

With the master data management interface similar to that of Excel, users can easily maintain performance master data. Additionally, F-One is able to automatically synchronize the master data of core systems, which avoids the cluttering caused by multiple sets of master data.

Hundreds of millions of data with second response time

The independently developed OLAP engine based on in-memory computing can process more than hundreds of millions of data within seconds, providing better data support for decision-making.
With F-One, a big manufacturing group generates budget reports more than ten times faster
than with a world’s top Integrated finance planning product.

Overview of the F-One OLAP engine

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