F-One Sales Performance

Activate your sales potential

In an ever-changing market, you need accurate forecasts, in-depth analysis, and flexible adjustment to sales strategies so as to make the right decision.
F-One sales performance management helps you predict market demand, motivate and direct sales, and maximize sales efficiency.

F-One Incentive& Commission Management (ICM)

With F-One, you can modify the incentive & commission polices in real time based on market changes,
so that incentives are always consistent with the company’s strategic goals.
A powerful analysis model allows you to gain an insight into the effect of the commission policies and
constantly iterate the commission model so as to maximize incentive efficiency.
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Automobile Sales Service Shop Sales incentive & commission
Pharmaceutical representative commission
On-spot real estate project commission
Large financial insurance commission

Still collecting data and calculating commissions manually?
Data integration

The F-One data flow can be integrated with your CRM, financial system, and other business systems to automatically obtain the data needed to calculate incentive commissions, saving you a lot of time and effort, and eliminating the possibility of data entry errors.
About F-One Workflow

Spending two weeks or longer to modify a commission policy?
Business self-editing commission policy

With the no-coding and graphic system, business users can modify commission rules in real time, ensuring that your commission policy always works out in motivating salespersons to sell the right product at the right time and the right price.

Suffering from frequent errors in calculating commissions?
The accuracy rate for commission calculation is 99.999...%

According to Gartner, the commission policy is too complicated that it is liable to human errors on calculation and companies often have to pay an extra 3%-8% commission. F-One can directly fetch incentive data from business systems such as CRM, automatically calculate incentive commissions, and ensure that every expense is accurate.

Disputing with the sales team on the amount of commissions?
Commission composition table

In F-One, you can generate a commission composition table with one click. The policies and commissions of each order are clearly visible. Originally, it took one or two days to check the data and orders so as to explain the commission amount to the salespersons. Now this job can be done in a minute or two. Also, the salespersons can view their commissions in real time and adjust the sales strategies according to the company policy incentives.

Does your commission policy really work out?
Analysis of the effect of commission incentives

With F-One, sales managers can build commission analysis models on their own, accurately estimate the inputs and outputs of different commission policies, and find solutions with maximal profits so as to make the best use of your money.

Commission management or “one size fits all”?
Refine the commission management system

Previously, enterprises adopted a “one size fits all” management approach in order to reduce management costs. Specifically, they laid down several simple standards and awarded those who reached the standards.
Now, with F-One, a more sophisticated and scientific commission management system is built. Issues such as whether to expand customers, the customer industry, and the cycle of orders are included in the commission system to help you develop a commission system that is more in line with business and market needs.

F-One Sales Performance Solution

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