F-One Market Performance
Improve the market performance and return on investment

Linking marketing activity data to sales data, F-One makes each market return clear and visible.
It helps you continuously improve your marketing plan and optimize market performance.
Market Budget Management
F-One details the market expense management, decomposes the annual budget packages into
various market activities by product, region, channel, and other dimensions,
and continuously track the activity performance, realizing the closed-loop management of pre-process planning,
in-process cost control, and post-process assessment.
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How to allocate the annual budget properly to each activity?

The F-One multi-dimensional model management details your market expense management dimensions. Taking historical data and enterprise strategic objectives into consideration, it decomposes the market budgets to activity budget packages by product, region, channel, season, and so on.

Still insensible of over-expenditures until the end of each season?

The F-One expense control module automatically checks the balance in the activity budget package upon each expenditure requisition and alerts you to the over-expenditures.

Spending too much time on editing the market performance appraisal report?

F-One compares the return on investment of each marketing project and generates performance appraisal reports automatically.
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