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Case Study

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    Thousands of distributors, massive Excel bonus calculations… Take it easy and just leave the distributor fee management to F-One

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    Ningbo Huaxiang Electronic Co., Ltd.

    In the past, it took each subsidiary company two days to finish the Integrated finance planning.

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    The work that used to be done with the help of the IT staff can now be finished by simply dragging and dropping in the F-One system.

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    A pharmaceutical group

    The period for rolling budgeting conducted by 2,000 salespersons from 200 offices was shortened from 15 days to 2 days...

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    Zhangtai Real Estate

    F-One satisfies our configuration requirements of the commission calculation logic of the intermediary channel commission...

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    A manufacturing group

    Supply chain managers can obtain the latest data analysis results right off the bat and in real time, providing solid data...


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