F-One Supply Chain Performance

Make your supply chain flow transparent, efficient, and agile

F-One supply chain performance management integrates supply planning,
demand planning, and S & OP into a platform, improving the visibility, collaboration,
and operational efficiency of the supply chain and responding to the changing market conditions.

F-One Supply Planning

With F-One, you can control the key nodes of the supply chain in real time,
deduce the benefits of various solutions in the event of an accident,
and take a good control of products at key nodes.
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Do you know how to maximize revenues through supply planning?

With the F-One scenario simulation function, you can simulate the impact of different order time, purchase quantities, and transportation paths on production costs and delivery time. F-One lets you scientifically and reasonably formulate the optimal supply planning.

Can you quickly respond to fluctuations in supply and demand while balancing costs and benefits?

The F-One supply planning integrates all links of the supply chain, such as production, distribution, inventory, and procurement. The system estimates the impact on the overall gross profit and cost in real time if there is any change in any link, helping you find the most profitable solution.

Do you have a Plan B in case of an emergency?

F-One can capture data across all processes of the supply chain and restore the operational status of the entire supply chain. When there is an emergency, such as a production line failure or a traffic accident, you can view real-time data and take remedy measures, for example, turn over the production tasks to other factories, or urgently transfer goods from stores with excess sources of goods to ensure on-time delivery.

F-One Supply Chain Performance

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