F-One Flexibly Configures Tens of Millions of Performance Rules

F-One Data Flow

In enterprise performance management,
data preparation accounts for 70% of the workload
Where is your time spent?
  • Integrating data sources such as ERP and CRM
  • Waiting for programming development to extract and process data
  • Repeatedly communicating with the IT department since the demand of the business department is misunderstood
  • Only the final processing results are presented. Once the processing results are not in line with expectations, it is difficult to locate the errors.
  • Processing large amount data

With F-One, you can spend 10% of the time to accomplish 70% of your work

Easily integrate multiple data sources

F-One can obtain all data via multiple approaches including direct connection, API, and uploading. Your performance data has nowhere to hide.
 EPR and other systems
 Big data systems like Hadoop
 Excel and other local files 

Various data processing components

F-One has various built-in data processing components that are versatile and reusable. Data sources can be extracted, cleansed, screened, and calculated without excessive programming development.

Intermediate result real-time preview

F-One allows you to query intermediate results in real time during data processing. Once the data processing results are not as expected, you can quickly locate the errors.

Multiple data synchronization triggering modes

F-One can set a variety of data capture triggering conditions and realize real-time synchronization or periodical synchronization by week, month, or day. It also updates data when workflows such as budget filling and submission are completed. You can choose from a variety of models.

Overview of F-One Data Flow

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