F-One flexibly configures tens of millions of performance rules

Performance Rules Editor

In enterprise performance management, budget apportionment, wholesaler rebate, sales commission calculation,
and investment and portfolio analysis all involve complicated computing logic,
which takes IT personnel several days or even one week to develop the corresponding logic before launch.
But performance rules need to be iterated quickly based on business demands.
The traditional Hard Code model makes the IT Department and Business Department overwhelmed.

Voice of the Business Department:

• The code is abstruse. What are the performance rules and how do they work? Completely confused.
• Since the IT personnel are working to a tight schedule, they are far from meeting the demand of development of the Business Department as the business of the enterprise constantly changes .
• It takes a lot of time to explain the demand to IT personnel that are unfamiliar with the performance management, which increases the likelihood of misunderstanding and even resulys in reworking.

Voice of the IT Department:

• With so many complicated performance rules, how to perform maintenance in the absence of developers afterwards?
• The development costs are high because minor changes to performance rules involve the whole process - from development, test, to deployment.
• Different combinations of performance rules, such as product + region, quarter + channel, etc., require additional development.

In F-One, you only need to click and drag.
Then, just leave it to the system.

Maintenance to Performance Rules
No multilevel-nested if function, and the conditions and results are in one-to-one correspondence. Users with no knowledge of codes can easily maintain the performance rules.
Iterated Rules
No Development
With the graphical operation interface, there is no need for programming development. A click and drag can help users modify the rule in real time, which makes it possible for business experts to formulate and modify performance rules.
No Complicated Code
With the unified rule management library, conditions and results can correspond one-to-one. There is no need to compile complex manuals. Business users can easily understand performance rules.
Real-time Modification Real-time Effect
There is no need to integrate the new rules set in F-One into the existing performance rules system through deployment. The new rules will take effect upon modification, which enables you to respond to business changes quickly.

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