F-One flexibly configures tens of millions of performance rules

F-One Data Presentation

No-coding self-service business data presentation platform

Built for your business

With conventional tools, it most likely takes days for your IT team to develop reports. On the F-One platform, by simply dragging and dropping, customizing reports is a job that can be done in a matter of minutes, making it possible for the business department to analyze the enterprise performance in real time.

Multi-dimensional tables

The F-One multi-dimensional table meet your wish to view your data from different perspectives in multi-dimensions. In addition, powered by its advanced data processing capabilities, F-One can generate multi-dimensional reports, which used to take hours to generate, in seconds. You can have the analytical results in a blink of an eye and keep track of your business in no time.

Access permission

With a high level of granularity and a role-based access control model, F-One offers the capability to enable cell-level security in your reports. Members of different roles can only see the data that is permitted for members of that role. The data is always forwarded to the right person on right time.

Data write back

The F-One report can not only display the data, but also link the data write back model to various indicators in the model in calculation. For example, when the sales volume is modified, the production cost will change correspondingly to help you formulate the production plan.

Smooth operation of reports with tens of thousands of lines

Usually, the traditional report tool stutters or crashes when dealing with a report of tens of thousands of lines. The data window technology originally developed by F-One provides you with smooth operation of reports of this kind and allows you to refine the performance analysis granularity.

Visual report

F-One has dozens of commonly used data charts, which turn tables with numeral lines and numbers into vivid visual reports, and you can see clearly the performance indicators you care about most.

Mobile report

F-One is available on mobile devices such as cellphones and Pads, allowing you to keep up to date with the latest data.

A three-minute overview of F-One data presentation


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