WEICHUAN with F-One to Optimize the Integrated Finance Planning Management
With the continuous company expansion, integrated finance planning is proved an important tool to enhance the management and control of enterprises, which obviously cannot be achieved by excel. WEICHUAN hopes to replace the previous manual process with an informational model, realize the management and control of financial data, keep abreast of the business planning progress, and reduce calculation errors and data losses. 
  • Long budgeting cycle. It takes 2-3 months to budget for the next year.
  • Rapid changes of business. The budget is not updated in real time, and the budget and actual situation cannot be compared and analyzed.
  • No established or perfect budget system. Budgeting fails to effectively confirm to the strategic objective. It is more a financial-oriented item than integrated  finance planning.
  • Intense competition and huge spending on promotions and rebates. Real-time track of sales and expenses is needed.
  • Thanks to streamlined procedures, business planning can now be done more easily and efficiently. It is no longer an issue as to when or where to do it.
  • Powerful data integration tools automate a huge range of everyday activities. Tasks such as importing expense standards, production quotas, and various previous records can now be fulfilled with less human efforts.
  • The focus of the finance staff shifts from loads of repetitious work, such as collecting, cleansing data and reporting, to analyzing data.
  • Multi-dimensional data analysis is always available to help you have a large view of the hierarchy of your products, organization, and clients.
  • The value of data is enhanced. With a systematic data integration solution and a unified information system for sharing data, management can expect to make data-backed decisions.
F-One Integrated Finance Planning Solution
Optimize the Business Planning Management System
WEICHUAN, whose business covers the two sides, has difficulty in unifying the budget dimensions and dealing with a large amount of data. The F-One OLAP multidimensional analysis engine which is based on in-memory computing brings minimal user operations and builds a budget model with drag-and-drop operations. The work that required the assistance of IT staff in the past is now done by dragging and dropping in the F-One system. The business personnel can produce reports themselves, which betters the company workflow. As a pioneer in this field, F-One manages to speed up the enterprise operation.
The F-One integrated finance planning solution helps WEICHUAN with integrated business planning and automatic integration of the checking system, and timely tracks and analyzes the budgeting progress. At the same time, the overall application of budgeting, rolling forecasting, adjustment, and execution analysis is achieved. Companies can use IT technologies to achieve controllable strategic expansion and reduce the risk of strategic execution.
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