A Pharmaceutical Group Builds a Mobile Sales Forecasting Platform with F-One
The Pad application provided by F-One perfectly supports the reporting of sales forecasting and expenses of the lowest level. It calculates nearly six million price libraries in real time, which exceeds our expectations.
C company is a large pharmaceutical group which takes the lead in this industry. Housing 200 offices and 2,000 salespersons all over China, it takes half a month for the company to mobilize all staff, from office directors / managers to employees, to make rolling forecasts, which is far from meeting the requirement of making rolling forecasts by month. Therefore, how to shorten the forecast period and respond to the market demand in real time have become urgent issues for the company.
  • More than 2,000 salespersons would fill in and submit data on fixed dates (one day or two) each month, resulting in great concurrent visits.
  •  The salespersons work in different cities all over the country, and some of them do not have fixed offices, prolonging the data reporting period.
  • Hundreds of major customer managers and thousands of salespersons use F-One (mobile) to fill in and submit sales data and expenses.
  • The time taken by the office director manager to mobilize all staff to make rolling forecasts has been shortened from the previous 15 days to 2 days.
  • Predicting the sales revenue of each office and each person and apportion the revenue helped the enterprise understand the expenses of different dimensions and propose optimization methods.
C Company is one of the leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry in China. It integrates drug research and development, production, and sales, and is one of the top 100 domestic chemical enterprises.
F-One Sales Forecast Solution
Mobile sales forecast platform
F-One serves as the mobile data entry platform of the budget system SAP BPC of C company. Business personnel input data through F-One, and F-One synchronizes data into BPC and can read existing business data from BPC.
BPC and F-One use the database table as the intermediate data medium. If there is data update, BPC will periodically write the updated data to the intermediate database table. F-One will periodically check whether the database table is updated. If there is any update, it will sync the update data to the F-One system. Similarly, if the business personnel enter the business data, F-One will periodically update the data to the business data table, and BPC will sync the business data to the BPC system accordingly.

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