F-One Market Performance

F-One Market Performance

Linking marketing activity data to sales data, F-One makes each market return clear and visible.
It helps you continuously improve your marketing plan and optimize market performance.
Market Performance Analysis
F-One not only measures market activity data such as exposure,
but also links marketing activities with sales data to make a more reasonable
and scientific analysis of the return on each market budget.

Can you link marketing activities with sales performance?

By comparing historical sales data, F-One identifies anomalous events, establishes attribution models, and analyzes the relationship between anomalous events and market activities, thereby linking non-promotional activities such as advertisements with sales performance, and analyzing investment returns in a more rational and scientific way.

Still collecting data using Excel + Email?

You often need other business data such as the sales data when analyzing market performance. F-One, connected with all kinds of business systems of the enterprise, can capture all data required easily. The era of straining every nerve to obtain data has gone.

Can you demonstrate market performance in multiple dimensions and perspectives?

The F-One report engine is designed for business users and can produce a variety of analysis reports without programming. Not only can market performance be demonstrated in terms of products, channels, and seasons, but the performance data of each item and each channel is displayed in the dynamic report.


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