Supply Chain Business Performance Data Analysis Platform of Manufacturing Group 
F-One has been proved 30% more efficient than the world’s top ETL tool in dealing with 100 requests concurrently and processing tens of millions of data. 
In the past, the company’s supply chain business performance analysis was primarily based on regular data reports provided by ERP, WMS, MES, and other systems. Statisticians then based on the data manually integrated and finally output a unified statistical analysis report. Generally, a significant business analysis report requires the effort of multiple IT and finance personnel in data collection, sorting, and proofreading day in and day out... To this end, the company needed to make a leap in upgrading the data analysis of supply chain business performance – to build a supply chain business performance data analysis platform.
  •  Support users to extract, calculate, and analyze data. model, and output reports, and provide fast, real-time, and reliable data support for business management decision-making.
  • Support business departments to self-adjust performance indicators and conduct horizontal and vertical comparison of indicators.
  • Support administrators to perform field-level permission control and prevent leakage of data and important information.
  • Support seamless integration with big data frameworks (Hadoop / Hive / Kylin) and BI products (Power BI / Tableau).
  •  Through data aggregation of multi-data sources, the supply chain business performance reports are generated and queried faster, and the reports are more accurate. 
  • Supply chain managers obtain the latest data analysis results quickly and in real time, providing solid data support for business decision-making.
  • Based on the problems exposed by data analysis, supply chain members achieve cross-departmental collaboration to solve business challenges.
F-One Supply Chain Performance Solution
Three Layers of Supply Chain Data Analysis
Based on the understanding of customers’ project demand, F-One builds the data analysis platform of supply-chain operation performance in the following three layers:

Strategy layer: As a future goal, it provides supply chain concerned data analysis services for enterprise decision makers, and offers all-aspect decision-making support from the following six facets: Financial analysis, risk analysis, comparison analysis, planning analysis, production analysis, and profit analysis.

Business application layer: Carrying on the group strategies and based on the essential data, it provides 26 daily report forms and 12 KPIs statistics for the business personnel. The daily report forms mainly include data analysis on planning, operation, orders, production, quality, purchase, and returned goods, and the three major KPIs are payment, cost, and quality.

Information management layer: Equivalent to a unified data warehouse, it performs centralized management of data input and output. Under the enterprise’ IT management framework and through the multi-dimensional data interfaces of F-One, data is interconnected with the enterprise ODS, DW, DM, and the application layer to realize the seamless linking of process data such as business primary data, data modeling data, and report analysis data to the group’s supply chain statistical analysis platform. 
Build an Enterprise-Level Data Sharing Service Center
The supply chain business performance data analysis platform project is the application of the group-level data sharing service center in the supply chain. With the supply chain as the entry point, it will be applied in other business scenarios in the future.

F-One’s growth, high performance, and openness can quickly help customers get through and integrate cross-database data sources and build enterprise-class data warehouses. Based on agile and multi-dimensional analysis, F-One continues to meet the future needs of the group, which is one of the core advantages of F-One as a platform-level product.

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