F-One helps Zhangtai Real Estate build a Commission Management Platform
F-One compared with using Excel to calculate commissions and correct errors which requires repeated work, F-One reduces more than 70% of the calculation rework.
In the past, Zhangtai Real Estate mainly used EXCEL to calculate incentive commissions by manually obtaining various relevant KPI data within and without the system. In order to manage the incentive commissions more effectively, Zhangtai Real Estate needs to establish an efficient operation platform with commission calculation as the core to improve users’ work efficiency, optimize the operation mode of commissions, and tap the potential value of business data. 
  • Intermediary commissions, professional advisor commissions, agency commissions, etc. requires different commission policies.
  • High degree of salesperson turnover puts an obstacle to sales data collection and matching.
  • Complex and changeable commission calculation logic is developed to adapt to business growth.
  •  The visual commission policy-editing interface allows business users to modify the commission policies on their own without much IT support.
  • Commissions and intermediate results including indicator completion rates are automatically calculated in real-time, improving efficiency and avoiding manual calculation errors.
  • Besides fixed reports, business users can freely create multi-dimensional analysis reports, drill down on data, and analyze the effects of commission incentives.
  • In this way, commission calculation is faster, more accurate, and more convenient, and sales and promotion policies can be adjusted in time according to the simulation calculation.
Zhangtai Group was registered in 1992 and established on August 6, 2010. Developing in a continuous, steady, and innovative way over the past 20 or so years, Zhangtai Group has evolved into a comprehensive real estate development and city resource carrier whose business covers real estate development, landscape construction, project supervision, property service, and real estate marketing. 
F-One Sales Commission Solution
Rule Engine-based Commission Management Platform
With F-One, Zhangtai Real Estate is able to quickly read and integrate the scattered data, providing the basic guarantee for the accurate calculation of the commission. The sales commission performance management application allows business personnel to create and make calculations of the commission reports by a simple drag. Rule changes can be achieved by the graphic logic. A drag & drop enables users to synchronize the report data The entire process is clearly visible. Coupled with strict permission control, it guarantees the efficiency of bonus check and review.
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