F-One Supply Chain Performance

Make your supply chain flow transparent, efficient, and agile

F-One supply chain performance management integrates supply planning,
demand planning, and S & OP into a platform, improving the visibility, collaboration,
and operational efficiency of the supply chain and responding to the changing market conditions.
F-One Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
As an enterprise data hub, F-One integrates all data of the company, allowing you to control the sales, production, procurement, and logistics data in real time, so that you can easily adjust and simulate the operation plan, and improve the supply chain stress.

Can you obtain the data in all links of business operations in real time?

With F-One, you can bid farewell to the old routine of collecting data with Excel and Email. As a data hub, F-One integrates enterprise’s internal and upstream and downstream supplier data, allowing you to control all aspects of business operations in real time, balance supply and demand, and detail business operations.

Can you adjust your business plan in time to accommodate supply and demand fluctuations?

You can quickly adjust the plan with as few IT support as possible because no coding knowledge is required in F-One. With the in-memory computing technology, all modifications will take effect immediately.

Is your S & OP the best solution?

F-One can simulate scenarios based on indicators such as revenue, gross profit, capacity, and inventory, compare the yields under different circumstances, and formulates sensible decisions with detailed data.


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