F-One Supply Chain Performance

Make your supply chain flow transparent, efficient, and agile

F-One supply chain performance management integrates supply planning,
demand planning, and S & OP into a platform, improving the visibility, collaboration,
and operational efficiency of the supply chain and responding to the changing market conditions.

F-One Demand Planning

With F-One, you can build a demand forecasting model that
stipulates every SKU demand planning based on
historical sales records, promotions, and other information.

Can you accurately forecast the market demand?

With F-One, you can integrate historical data and promotional information, optimize the iterative forecasting model through machine learning to improve forecasting accuracy, and minimize inventory without affecting sales.

Is your demand planning accurate to SKU?

The F-One demand planning handles millions of SKUs and predicts the demand of the most micro-levels of the supply chain. It helps you develop the most accurate demand planning for various products such as best sellers, slow movers, short-cycle products, and trend products.

Are you investing a lot of manpower in developing the demand planning?

F-One automatically handles mechanical work such as product classification based on the demand structure, freeing supply chain planners from low-value repetitive work and letting them focus on core business.


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